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Simple steps to interview success

As a life and business coach, I work with many clients to help them prepare mentally and physically for upcoming job interviews or selection processes. Although it may seem difficult to consider, could you perhaps think of your interview as more of an adventure than a nightmare? Remember that it really is a two-way process. […]

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What's your genius? A basis for self-esteem.

So, what’s your genius? A very dear friend asked me this recently. My genius? Wow, there’s a question indeed! Aren’t we just so good at thinking about and sharing our weaknesses, or our failures, the things we struggled to achieve or were unsuccessful in, the aspects of ourselves which frustrate us or we don’t like […]

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What happens at an initial consultation? Life Coaching Solutions

I’ve always offered an Initial Consultation to anyone considering life or business coaching as a form of professional support. This is a face to face meeting usually lasting 60-70 minutes and as such is often the longest of sessions in view of the information shared and gathered. There are really four parts to it. Firstly, […]

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foundations for successful living

We cannot hope to start to create and live the life we love without solid and stable foundations. Architects designing a new building ensure a firm structural base. A tradesperson brings the tools ready for the job in hand. Builders need bricks and mortar. Chefs require a clean, well-equipped kitchen and accessible ingredients. Artists start […]

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If you’re feeling more caterpillar than butterfly, life coaching can help you find your wings

In today’s ever-demanding world, increasingly more people are exploring life coaching as a form of professional support to help them move forward in a positive way. There has been a marked shift over recent years in terms of client needs and requests. Whilst some clients come to coaching for help and support with specific goals, […]

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