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Helping my Business and my Staff

- Business owner

Helping my Business and my Staff with Life Coaching

As an employer I had two members of staff who had always been great employees. Both faced personal issues at different times which affected their performance over a period of time which the business could not sustain. I tried friendly chats and strong chats but nothing worked. I knew I had to think outside the box as I could not give the staff members the correct support, or go down the exit route, so as a last resort I googled Life Coaching, found Sue and called her.

I did have concerns but spoke them through with Sue and felt comfortable with the process and that I was doing something very positive for all concerned.

I wanted to give my employees the support they needed which would help them hopefully work through their personal issues, give them coping strategies and gain confidence which would get them back on track work-wise.

The lesson I learned as an employer is that when things go wrong in the workplace most of the time it’s about their own personal issues which I am not equipped to deal with and that Life Coaching is like an extension of HR. Both employees are now a credit to the business performing better than ever and have been promoted! The goal for me was to keep them in the business, happy and performing.

The life coaching experience for me as an employer is the best thing I have done for these employees and the business and I will definitely use Sue’s services in the future.


Client: -Business owner

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