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I have noticed so many good changes in myself, my self-talk and my approach to things. I felt a bit lost when I contacted you. I knew I wanted to change and feel better but wasn’t sure how. From starting our sessions I have achieved nearly every goal and am now thinking of future ones. Thank you for guiding and supporting me over the last few months and I’m looking forward to our last session and what comes out of it. I just wanted to feel better. And I do.

Procurement Manager

Sue is the epitome of a professional, skilled and patient life coach with vast amounts of knowledge and the skill set to assist you as an individual….she is always patient, kind and thoughtful and treats her clients with the utmost professionalism together with warmth and a friendly manner

Senior Finance Assistant

Hello Sue! Just wanted to let you know that I got the job with x and I accepted the offer! Thank you so much for your help. It was much appreciated.

Events Coordinator

I am so glad I had the opportunity to have sessions with Sue. She made me realise to have faith in myself and to stop looking for reassurance. She has helped me see things in a different way for the better and she is easy to talk to and I felt heard. She always made me feel better after every session.

Project Trainer and Mentor

I always knew you had a magic wand.

Dog Walker

Thank you so much for your super listening ear all through this process. You have reminded me to listen to what I really value, enjoy and want out of my career and how it helps my day to day. So much of my attention has been focused on how to support others and my family and not me. I now feel I can invest in Myself and have options, aspirations and more opportunities ahead of me. Thanks so much Sue. You have been a key factor in my journey.


I had my interview today and it went great. I got the job!

Clinical Nurse Lead

You do have me laughing…every time I leave your house. You get my head out the sand I think.


You are amazing! Thank you so much for that session, I feel incredibly focused and positive about everything! I’m going home to research and brainstorm. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


Hi Sue, just wanted to let you know I passed all my exams and managed to successfully graduate from medical school. Thank you for all the help you gave me at key moments during the course, it helped make the difference I needed to succeed 🙂


I just want to personally thank you for all your help and interview preparation. I don’t think I would have got the job without it. All that work finally came to play and my perseverance helped.

Education Advisor

Hi Sue. I got it! Thanks so much for all your help. I’ll definitely be having a few glasses of champagne tonight to celebrate.

Clinical Nurse Lead (Interview Coaching)

Working with you has completely changed my life. The support you have provided me has been second to none and you have helped me find the confidence to quit the security of a full time well respected position to go out and explore the world on my own. I’ve now set up my own business which is only going from strength to strength, I’m working with …… and …… and I’ve found myself about to start some part time work for a company who value me and the skills that I can bring to the role. I’m finally excited about my career again!

If it hadn’t have been for you I would still be absolutely miserable and I have no doubt that the panic attacks would still be coming thick and fast I cannot thank you enough and I can’t even begin to get my gratitude across to you. I’ve recommended you to multiple people and will continue to do so because you’ve absolutely changed my life!


I couldn’t be more thankful for your support and help in guiding me towards this career path.

Occupational Therapy Student

I feel so thankful for these sessions. Thank you to AXA for offering life coaching. What a nice opportunity to be given, I feel humbled to be included.

AXA Employee

Sue’s sessions are very refreshing and I felt were very useful in helping me move forward in my role at work. She really takes the time to get to know you and helps you to drive yourself forward with your goals.

Employability Team Leader

The work that Sue does is outstanding and has really shaped my life and given me the confidence within myself that I didn’t see before our sessions. I came to her at a low point in my life and I am extremely happy that I did……. I would recommend her to anyone if they needed a Life Coach to make sense of their thoughts/issues/problems. I am so grateful to have found Sue.

Events Coordinator

You’ve been great. My head has been less busy for sure.

Support Worker

Thank you for all of your time and words Sue. I’m forever grateful to you. My smile is now genuine and I feel like I’m in control.

Childcare Practitioner

… I reflect on things that have gone well recently it’s because I was mindful of my approach (I always think about your words about confrontation needn’t be aggressive – I’m finding new ways to assert myself and this means I’m finding myself in better situations). I have a show opening next week, I just received a large grant from Creative Scotland and I finished the wee space I have at home and made it into an office! I think my time with you helped me with positive approaches and knowing when to act – so thank you Sue!


Honestly Sue I was a bag of nerves with what’s happened and couldn’t wait for my appointment this evening. Thank you so much for your perspective, helping me understand everything and I feel calmer and at ease and I have a positive plan for moving forward.

Signalling Engineer

Sue was a fantastic coach and I’ve taken a lot from our sessions. Sue went above and beyond to help with my confidence and I could tell from the the beginning I was in the room with a knowledgeable and experienced coach. Sue, your overall service to me I can only say it in one word, amazing! I can’t thank you enough for all your help.

Sports Coach

I wouldn’t have got there without your help…so thank you!!

Nursery Nurse

When I think back to the person I was when I first came to see you and compare that to the person I am today the difference is huge!!!!!!!!  Best decision I ever made was making that initial appointment with you. Don’t get me wrong I still have my moments but on the whole I am quite content with my life and my confidence is good and I do have a very good sense of who I am and what I believe in.

University Administrator

Our friend’s kids who I also recommended you to are also doing really well. Their mum has described their sessions with you as ‘life-changing’. What can I say Sue?

Project Manager

Many thanks again for all your support. I can sincerely say I wouldn’t have got here, and with this work life balance, without you and I’m really grateful.


I really got a lot of value from Sue’s sessions and have been using her practical tips with some success. I’ve been saying yes to challenging situations, putting myself outside my comfort zone and using positive language and framing and I have noticed a real difference in my confidence since my first visit to Sue.

Corporate Banker

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Just to say thank you..I had my interview with … on Friday (with the difficult presentation questions and the two pay grades up) and have been offered the job today! Really, many thanks – I wouldn’t even have had the confidence to put this job on my radar if I hadn’t worked with you and had your support, I won’t forget it. 

Healthcare Clinician

Thank you so much for being there for her. It means the world to our whole family.

Client's mum

I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday and to say that once again it’s made huge difference. Thanks so much, I feel much lighter, clearer and happier already.


I have found working with Sue an extremely positive experience. She has helped me to identify barriers and find ways to combat negative thinking in order to move forward in my life. I think she is highly professional but at the same time she still manages to be relaxed and friendly. This approach is very encouraging and I believe it is also conducive to developing client confidence and trust. Thanks Sue.


I can genuinely say it’s been brilliant to work with Sue. Her approach of ‘looking at the person as a whole’ as a starting point really resonated with me, then her positive, practically focused work on specific focus areas have been great. Importantly, I’ve left each session with an energy and drive to make progress on our focus areas. Our sessions have been a great benefit to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Recruitment Consultant

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks very much for all your time and help. I feel discussing matters with you has helped greatly.

Custody Officer

Thank you so much again Sue. I truly appreciate all the time and insights you have given me… helping me to begin realising my true self and take some steps towards becoming that person.  You are a truly wonderful person!  


I don’t think I could have asked for a better coach, I always felt supported and my ideas were encouraged.


I just wanted to let you know that I was successful yesterday and got offered the position 🙂

Addictions Worker

Thank you so much for your lovely encouraging reply!! I really appreciated hearing what you had to say. I think I’d got a bit bogged down but you helped me see my picture clearer and also I loved your encouraging &  wise words about work. Self belief, acceptance, no one is perfect and know you’ve done your best. I’ve realised I’m quite hard on myself, don’t see my efforts no matter how small & haven’t trusted myself.

Interior Designer

Thanks to you, my life is fuller and more colourful.


I really enjoyed the sessions and have made strides in both business and personal life situations following our discussions. Sue helped me to see the priorities in my life and to act on only a few things at any given time. Also to see that ‘me time’ is every bit as important as everything else.

Builder and Business Owner

I thought I’d let you know I applied to be a member of a legal committee. I used your advice to complete the application form and for my presentation at the interview. Out of 74 applications I got the post. I’m delighted and am sure I would have found the process so much harder without your invaluable advice.


Thank you so much for being part of the Psychology Society conference 2019 and coming here to inspire psychology students. We were honoured having you with us and grateful you sacrificed this time to support this year’s conference.

Social Secretary

My life has vastly improved and it is all down to you. You are never shy in telling me where I need to change and what I need to do. The best thing I have done in my life is come to you and I look forward to sharing time with you in the new year.

Highly highly recommended if you have become lost in your life and need a bit of assistance.

Sue is a great asset to the business and life & career coaching is a fantastic tool to aid our employees’ personal and career development. I love that I have this to offer my team, it is an invaluable service and I am proud that we supply this service. It shows that AXA cares about its staff and as a manager this is something I hugely value.

AXA corporate coaching clients

I just wanted to say again, thank you so much for coming on site today to present our mental health awareness session. While I haven’t asked for official feedback yet, I have had a few team members come to my door to sing your praises. So far team members have praised how comfortable you made them feel during the session and have mentioned that they gained a better insight as a result from today’s session.  I expect more, similar feedback soon!

Micron Europe Ltd

Thanks again for yesterday and our sessions to date. I have really enjoyed them and benefited hugely. I’m excited to see what a more balanced life holds and I’m feeling so positive about the future. From a very tough period, a new chapter awaits and I couldn’t have got there in the same way without all your support and guidance. So thank you again for everything.  It’s been an absolute  pleasure.

Head of Marketing

Thank you for all your help and support. You are amazing and an inspiration to all women! Your assistance, friendship and kindness is very much valued and appreciated.

Development Officer

I was delighted with our 4 meetings that we had. I was inspired to move on from where I am to have more success in my life. Now over to me to take action.

Retired Teacher

Just to let you know I was successful yesterday at the assessment centre 😀 I’d like to extend a big thanks to you for helping me with this – I feel you really helped unlock the positivity and confidence I had inside me!

Risk Analyst

You are the most amazing, inspirational & supportive person I’ve ever come across in this life.


I owe you a lot for the changes that are happening in my life.


Sue worked with me to establish my key priorities and encouraged me to take practical steps forward in these areas. She is very supportive and enabled me to feel less “stuck” in certain areas of my life. I would recommend Sue as a coach and look forward to working with her again.

Senior HR Business Partner

Thank you so so much for your time and your personal contribution. Every single time you direct me towards a happier and stronger me.


Can I tell you that it’s the best money I’ve spent. Better than trips abroad, excursions and bonuses.

My staff are so much happier, confident, raving about coaching and have thanked me for the experience. You are my go to person. A true professional. Thank you.

Owner, Holiday And Travel Company

Thank you for all your help in getting me through the overwhelm in my head earlier this year. The work we did was invaluable.

Lawyer/ University Tutor

You’re inspirational. You’ve certainly helped me ‘get my wings to start flying’ Sue from the very first session. Quite an achievement. You’re a very skilled lady and so lovely to boot!


Just to let you know I’ve been accepted for my University course! I’m delighted and really looking forward to the challenge. Many thanks for all your help in the lead up to the interview.

Beauty Therapist

I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sales Supervisor

My performance in the presentation and interview was significantly enhanced as a result of our chats. I believe talking through the various aspects of the job description and thinking about examples of my experience helped a huge amount.

At the end of the day, my interview performance improved significantly and that was the key objective for me through this process. Many thanks for your assistance and support. It was just what I was looking for.

Finance Manager (Interview coaching)

Yes!! That’s it! Much clearer in communicating the points made during the offer conversation. Thank you so much. You have the knack of just knowing how to put things assertively but politely. So awesome.

Lead Designer re job offer

It was, as always, really lovely to see you and I always come away feeling very happy and positive. It is so reassuring to know there are people like you in the world. You are an inspiration and will be amazing as a Tutor at Uni! Look forward to catching up again in the not too distant future.


Just to let you know I feel more empowered after our sessions and a massive thank you for your support.

Language student

I don’t think you realise how great you are.

Planning and Operations Manager

Dear Sue. You’ve brightened up my world. Just to say a Big Thank You for the wonderful contribution that you make to my life. Thank you again for the light that you bring.


Dear Sue. Thank you for all you’ve done… your unwavering support, kindness and encouragement throughout a very dark time.


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Dear Sue. A long overdue but sincere thank you for helping my son prepare so effectively for his job interview in the sports sector.

Proud Mum

I found my sessions at LCS extremely useful and helpful. Sue is the most amazing coach and facilitates you to think through issues and work out the solution that best suits you. She is warm and friendly and the utmost professional, with a vast knowledge of many areas including relationships, job interviews, and work life balance. I would definitely recommend working with LCS.

Senior Finance Assistant

I will keep you posted with updates but, in the meantime, I would just like to say a huge thank you for how you have helped me over the past few months. I always left your house with a spring in my step and in a positive frame of mind for tackling any challenge. I got a lot out of our sessions and feel I gained a friend as well. Thanks Sue – you are the right woman for the job!

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

It’s always inspirational to come and see you. And to go away with exciting actions towards what’s important to me.


Thank you for all your kindness and support. You have encouraged me to do so much this year.


It is always so delightful to spend time with you Sue. You are such an inspiration, so genuine and kind and I feel very fortunate to have met you.


Thank you so much for your help and support through what has been a difficult year. I will be in touch soon for some further sessions but just wanted to say a big thank you in the meantime!

University Associate Dean

The training has given me more confidence in what I’m doing and it was good to have one to one support throughout.

Slimming Club Group Leader
Attendee at Introduction to Life Coaching course

I found that the sessions were something I actually looked forward to. I got a lot out of them,not only for their purpose for career coaching but also for my state of mind for life in general. I always felt most alive during them and left feeling extremely positive and motivated.


Sue is a lovely warm lady who loves her work, is extremely positive and this comes across in the one-to-one sessions. She is also pro-active and follows up on items that have been discussed.

HR Manager

I am so happy to say that I got the job! All your advice helped me and I really feel your coaching was beneficial to me in structuring answers and with confidence.


Thank you for all your support. I’m enjoying working with you and looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring!


Thank you, Sue, for your continued invaluable, and much appreciated support and encouragement.


I love that you shake me out of myself! It’s a very different experience than talking and being open with your friends and I am benefiting greatly – thank you so much. Lots more things to think about and take action towards, but it’s amazing how far I’ve come already in the decision making process.


My whole perspective changed after our last session. It was so powerful. And how much you made a difference to me is remarkable. How can you do that?! Thank you.


I would just like to say that it has been a lovely experience getting to know Sue and realising there is more to life than just work. Sue is warm, kind and very considerate and she is a pleasure to be around. My coaching journey has been very rewarding and I believe will help me achieve a better quality of life. I have no doubt that we will remain friends for many years to come.

Sales Representative

It was lovely to see you and beneficial. In the past when I have been preparing for interviews I have been direction-less and often panicky. I now know what to focus on and can spend the rest of the day preparing with purpose. So thank you very much for sharing your insight and expertise.

Education Advisor

I would definitely like to continue on with our sessions Sue. I get so much from spending that time with you and listening to your words of wisdom and practical solutions. I really value your input and feel so at ease in sharing things with you that I don’t speak to others about. My sessions with you are like an anchor; if I start to drift off then you have the ability to pull me back 🙂

Learning and Development Senior Manager

Thank you for today. For helping me get my thoughts in focus, for calming me down and inspiring me with confidence.

Education Officer

Thank you for your help with me to see what I can achieve, the tools to let me move forward and to see what great gifts I have and to use to the best of my abilities. Onwards and upwards!!


Thank you for being my little beacon of light, thank you for teaching me wisdom, thank you for being so accommodating, thanks you for always smiling and telling me how it is. And thanks for helping shape me.

Motivational coach and personal trainer

After my time spent with Sue, I am still not the most organised person in the world, but I have lost my sense of panic about the amount of things I have to do, and learnt to prioritise what I have to do.

Sue also gave me an appreciation that I can celebrate my achievements and do not always have to play them down. Altogether a worthwhile exercise.

Area Sales Manager

Since we talked things have taken a 180 and I wanted to also thank you so much, as I believe all these positive steps were as a result of you helping with my perspective and direction.

Senior Manager,
Service, logistics and operations

Thank you for the time you’ve given me and the advice provided. I walked away from our sessions feeling good and motivated.


I really enjoyed my sessions with Sue and found them extremely valuable. I felt like I was given an opportunity to express my feelings and goals and Sue made me feel understood.


Once again thank you for your valuable support and the experience of working with you – very much appreciated.

Senior Manager, NHS

Coaching sessions were very positive and relaxed – it was much like meeting up for a coffee with a good friend who you’ve known for a long time – one who cares very much, is very easy to talk to, non-judgemental and supportive.

I’m really glad I took the step to work with Sue. I had no idea what life coaching would be like, so I was blown away by the fact that Sue genuinely cares so much. Sue is insightful, supportive, encouraging and gave me the boost to help me pursue what’s best. I would be delighted to contact her again in the future for any coaching; she’s such a lovely, friendly person and I really look up to her. Working with Sue is a worthwhile investment that goes a very, very long way.


I have been offered the post and am very excited! Thanks for all of your help and interest.


It was a real pleasure to meet you. You were just what we needed for the shoot, and L took away some really useful advice from the session which was obviously the aim. Thank you for being so patient with us on the day and thanks again for being part of the show.

Nick Jones,
Director for ITV1

The environment was relaxed yet professional and I felt able to discuss my identified issue in confidence. Sue finds the right balance between exploring the issues and friendly conversation. I feel upbeat and ready to take action and I’m clear in how to tackle my problem.


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I cannot begin to tell you how touched I was by your lovely email, it brought tears to my eyes. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I have been inspired and thoroughly enjoyed every session.

You have made me feel everything is possible and very motivated to achieve my full potential. You are so generous and an amazing role model for women.

Local Councillor

I’ll look forward to seeing you on TV when the times comes. Can’t believe you had laryngitis for the recording but glad to hear it all went ahead. In saying that, strong powerful words don’t always need a strong powerful voice to make an impact and I always felt your empathy and kindness in delivering advice were such a help to me during our work together. I’ll keep an eye on your page to hear when the programme will air :o)

Project Manager

Life-coaching sessions with Sue were informative, enjoyable and thought-provoking. Discussions ranged from practical advice to the broader reflective work that I had hoped to participate in. IMA personality profiling was very interesting and provided a good guide on where I required working on areas in my life where I had perhaps developed bad habits.

Some of the advice given on application writing and CV structure that I completed on my own time, very quickly yielded results and I have seen a significant increase in the number of interviews offered.

On reflection, I should probably have booked one additional session to concentrate on spotlighting and talking through broader lifestyle issues. I feel that Sue would have been excellent in exploring some themes around this – perhaps related to the mini ‘autobiography’ submitted prior to the commencement of the sessions.

Overall, I would say that working with Sue was an extremely positive experience, and one that I would strongly recommend to those looking for assistance and inspiration in setting both career and life direction. Sue has a friendly, approachable manner; is a good listener, and makes one believe that improvements in all aspects of life can be improved. A great experience.


I feel that I have made some lasting rather than temporary changes. It is very freeing to feel that there are always options and that I am not limited. This knowledge really has helped me clamber out of a rut I feel I have been trapped in for many years.

It is your intuition and skill that has allowed me to realise this changed perspective. You have pushed me and challenged me when I needed it. Carefully listened to what I have said (and maybe more importantly not said) and then communicated your thoughts in a meaningful way.

Emergency Services Worker

From the moment I met Sue I was put at ease. She has the qualities of a very talented coach, warm, compassionate and understanding.

This has been the best thing that has happened to me. Sue has empowered me with the tools to make sense of my life and how to move forward. She has given me the key to unlock the door which was hiding the real me!

I will always keep in contact with Sue to help me be focused in my journey in getting closer to my goals.

District Nurse

Hey Sue, it’s official!!!!! The job is mine! Thanks for your help, input and positivity. I am over the moon and absolutely ecstatic!!!! Positivity and another path into a new adventure.

New Product Development Manager

Sue gave me lots of time to reflect on work issues, respecting what I said and at the same time guiding me in the direction I choose to go. She listened carefully and was very attentive. I felt safe and grounded.


At our first meeting, I felt immediately at ease with Sue, followed by a huge sense of release and empowerment knowing I could speak to someone about moving forward in life in a non-judgemental setting. Sue helped me to start seeing another side of me, one I used to see and have begun to see again, one of confidence and hope and how a person can learn to give one’s best self again by setting goals and engaging with the world.

While conversations with Sue focus on specific matters and goals they also bring great moments of clarity to understanding one’s life and identity as a whole. She finds the right balance and nuance in her coaching sessions. She is insightful, prescient and warm. A true professional, one knows when working with Sue, this is for real and this produces great confidence in itself.


Your insight was a powerful one. It has stayed with me since and when reflecting it made me realise how intuitively you managed to help me interpret my thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way.

This is exactly the kind of change I was looking to make!!

Emergency Medical Dispatcher

I wanted to thank you for helping my Mum to clear her mind. She is doing amazing and I am so proud of her.

The change over the last few months has been great to watch as she has slowly begun to realise her importance.

My Mum speaks very highly of you and I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy that your paths crossed – I know she told you of the psychic mentioning a butterfly and how it would come to be of significance to her, it truly has.


Thank you for all the kindness and understanding you showed me throughout our sessions. I feel regretful a little that I had so much on my plate at the same time as my lifecoaching which were distractions, but I feel that you provided me with clarity and an ability to trust myself, both of which had eluded me for some time.

Thank you again Sue for your kind words and encouragement. They are greatly appreciated.

Product Designer

They offered me the job! I’m very chuffed – trying to negotiate a shorter notice period but I’m going to accept. Looks like your coaching worked some magic. Thanks for your help.

Service Manager

Thank you for the coaching and advice. It has been invaluable.


Just to let you know that I got the job offer. Thank you for your help – much appreciated.


I got the job! Can’t believe it!

Many thanks for all your help and guidance. I really appreciate everything you have done for me to be successful in obtaining this job.

Classroom Assistant

I would highly recommend working with Sue. When I first embarked on life coaching, I had very little confidence, felt stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy and lacked a clear sense of direction.

Sue helped me change that; she was really easy to talk to and her positivity and advice enabled me to grow in confidence. Her interview coaching was excellent and I’ve secured a job that I’m much happier with. Thanks to Sue, I feel more positive about the future.

Charity Fundraiser

You are such a positive for AXA Healthcare to offer. You have been so supportive. I don’t think you realise how much difference you have made! Thank you.

Administrative Co-ordinator

Good news. I passed my OSCEs (exams) and my written paper. I passed all of the communication skills stations. I basically just did what we practiced and it worked! 🙂

It was great working with you and I thank you for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.

I have third year OSCEs as well so if I need more help I will be sure to get in touch.

Medical Student

Today was a really powerful session. I knew that you were the right person for me to work with when you identified those two sides of me – confident vs insecure within the same person. I remember saying to myself “phweesh, she is good!”

I came away today feeling calmer in terms of my relationship, my need for utopia, my understanding that if I can feel good within myself the status and money and respect will come. Most importantly they need to come from within.

Today’s session is the first time I have felt truly challenged and interested in a long time. Lots of “wow” moments and I think that has been missing from my life. Maybe I have been surrounding myself with safe people who won’t necessarily rock my little world.

NHS employee

Thank you for yesterday’s coaching session. It has really made a huge difference to how I move forward and I feel much more confident with my choices and goals for the future. The session has helped me gain clarity on my career direction areas to focus on for now. I feel much lighter, focused and motivated to achieve my goals. Thank you for your honesty and professionalism.

Personal Stylist/ Image Consultant

Thanks to our sessions I feel I have come a long way from the person who turned up for the initial consultation, totally overwhelmed with everything and with no idea of where I was heading. Life is flowing along nicely at the moment, so I just need to keep working on my priorities and keep an eye on my current goals.

I love all the wise words on your Facebook page and find them very useful. They make me think about things and remember how lucky I am.

University Senior Payroll Administrator

Many years ago I helped a real cocoon survive the winter and then had the privilege of watching the butterfly emerge – it was a breathtaking moment I’ve never forgotten. And now you have helped me too break free.


I’ve had a fantastic year since I last saw you. I have now finished teaching and we are moving down to Newcastle next week for me to begin my PhD in Educational Psychology.

Thank you for all your help, really don’t think I would be where I am without it.


The sessions were definitely enjoyable as I felt like I could talk and be listened to without any real judgement. Sue helped keep me on track and focused on our tasks as to why I was getting coached. By the end of our sessions I felt it was very beneficial, very helpful and useful and feel I am more capable of being aware and modifying my behaviour for different situations and different people.

I truly enjoyed working with Sue and found her to be very warm and welcoming and extremely easy to talk to. Thank you so much.

Sales Support Team Leader

Sue is very friendly, professional and provides an excellent confidential service. I highly recommend Life Coaching Solutions.

With Sue, I had space to work through problems and she also gave first-rate career advice that enabled me to move to my new role. I am so much happier and I owe this to Sue.

Thank you!

University International Student Relations Officer

Wanted to say thanks for all your help and sharing your lovely enthusiasm, beautiful spirit and warmth.


Sue is a person with positive and bright influence who is always ready to listen and give valuable and constructive advice. Each session provided me with new and constructive plans with which to move forward.

Getting to know Sue inspires me to be positive, to look ahead, plan and execute those plans. Support and advice were always available and it was very easy and comfortable to communicate with Sue during and out of the sessions.


Over the last few months I’ve worked on acceptance, letting go of what’s not important and trying to direct my energy where it’s worth it and I feel that I’m starting to turn a corner.

I’ve managed to secure the very job that I’d applied for and didn’t get about 18 months ago. I intend to keep moving forward and away from old patterns and triggers and to accept the days where I don’t manage this and start again the next day. Thanks again for your help Sue.

Project Manager

I found my time with Sue very helpful and worthwhile. She is a very gentle, warm and welcoming person who is very good at doing what she does.

After my initial nerves, I felt very at ease talking about my problems and it really does help to open up your mind to think about your situation. I will shortly have the courage to ‘listen’ to my heart and move forward. I had never ever done anything like this before and would definitely see Sue again! Such a positive person!

Hairdresser and beauty therapist

I have been following your advice and have been seeing really good results. I am confident to continue on my own from here. Thank you for all your help.


As soon as I met Sue I knew she was someone I would like to work with. She clearly has lots of experience in coaching and has a lovely manner that made me instantly trust her and feel I could share my life challenges and aspirations with. Sue very quickly sussed out how she could help me and recommended just four sessions. There was no pressure or feeling of extending our meetings beyond what I needed. She’s a great listener and gave me sound advice and techniques to move forward. I would be happy to recommend Sue’s life coaching solutions to others especially, if like me, they are at a crossroads looking for some support, insight and clarity on the next steps of their journey through life.

Marketing Executive

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The mock up interview sessions and presentation practices were very practical sessions and gave me action points to take for my next interview. It gave me a professional perspective and an outside look which was necessary to help me progress the interview process. The ways to structure my answers was relevant and gave me extra confidence to handle any interview questions. I wish I had come to see Sue earlier!

Project Manager

I felt Sue really helped cut through to the real issues with clarity. I also felt Sue understood what I was describing better than I often could explain. A really insightful and enjoyable group of sessions which have helped me immensely. I have recommended Sue to a number of people.

Head of Marketing

Sue is a true inspiration! I was a perfectionist and procrastination was my life-long habit to avoid imperfect outcomes. As a result, I was depressed most of the time. After seeing numerous therapists, I was still depressed and still procrastinating. Sue was my last stop. She helped me clarify my goals, moving forward and taking actions in just one session! So far I’ve had four sessions with Sue and each one has been amazing action booster.

Before meeting Sue I had zero income and my relationship was in danger. Now I’m happily making money by doing what I love, getting fantastic feedback from my clients, and enjoying a great relationship with my husband. Most importantly, now I LOVE making actions!!

Coach and Motivational Speaker

Thank you Sue for giving me support and help in creating my future that is healthier for me. You are amazing.


I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Sue. Each session gave me more confidence and self-belief and has taken me closer to reaching my life goals which I now have every confidence that I will fulfil them.

Each session provided a new challenge and sometimes without knowing it I began to feel stronger and growing in confidence. My journey continues and I know that I can return to Sue at any time for more coaching.

Senior Operational Manager

Dear Sue,

I wanted to thank you for your excellent and helpful input which helped me secure my new post, which I believe will prove to be a vital turning point in my career. I have certainly recommended to friends that seeing a life coach – and you in particular – is a sensible and beneficial move if one needs a bit of a catalyst to get things moving career-wise.

Our time together has given me confidence that the changes we made together and the application/CV-writing skills you helped me develop can bring positive results.

Assistant Psychologist

Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months. I really feel I’ve made significant changes in my life and my attitude to life.

Risk Analyst

Sue has a genuine enthusiasm and positivity that comes across in her coaching and she helped me to examine myself fully, and focus on what I love to do. I would definitely recommend her as an excellent coach.

Commercial Property Management Surveyor

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. A year ago today, I emailed you to tell you about my news (breast cancer diagnosis); you were the first person I told and you still play a massive role in me maintaining my positivity. Thank you Sue – so glad I picked you to help me 🙂


I would mark Sue a 5 out of 5 and state that she gave me new insight into my thinking and would have no problem recommending her, or in fact going to see her again.

Sales Agent

The work we did enabled me to re-commence my writing and move forward with other things. I re-set up my arts company and launched the website, I started a post grad in May on a course I love and I am managing to work the charity stuff. All these things I feel are possible based on what I call ‘opening up’ that we achieved in our session.

So just wanted to say thanks – its useful for me knowing you are there and I can come back if I need to.

IT Consultant

I would just like to say thank you for moving me in the right direction and helping me get closer to my goals.

Housing Assistant

Thank you for your advice. I got a really positive response. Would be good to have you as my personal relationship guru for the rest of my life! 🙂 Thanks for all your patience and understanding. I appreciate it so much!

HR Advisor

The real big positive was I took the step to meet with yourself and take on advice. For me that is what I call out the box!! Thanks again Sue.

Chef Manager

I feel really positive and encouraged by the whole experience, and I need to remember it the next time I go to meetings. I’m back now to focusing on my writing, so that I can produce something that lives up to expectation! Thanks for all your support on this, it’s good just knowing someone’s in your corner! Also, everyone loved my business card!

Freelance writer

Sue is a warm and energetic coach who exudes positivity. She has helped me to remain positive and focused during stressful situations for which I am grateful. She always tries to make herself accessible and available when you need her. It has been a real pleasure to work with her.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday, thank you. I really appreciate all the help you gave me.

Life Coach mentee

I came away from our session last Friday feeling absolutely superb, light and on top of the world. Your energy and ideas are incredibly empowering… and awesome. Thank you Sue.

Research Fellow

Life coaching is a really brilliant service. The best thing that happens here. Everyone loves to see you. You’re a great support and listening ear. There’s a real buzz in the office when you’re in. I value your support so much. Thank you.

AXA Healthcare employee

I have read over my CV a few times and it is fantastic. It is far better than I ever imagined and it was not something I could have produced. It is all about the wording. It really reflects who I am and the personal statement, is just Wow! Thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it.

HR Assistant

I was encouraged to always believe in myself and take the positive from each situation. I was able to understand the processes and clearly see the logic in what I needed to do. Sometimes it was simple, easy to follow steps that made all the difference.

Risk Analyst

Thanks for all of your help and support for … He has come on leaps and bounds with your coaching – I have a new and improved hubbie! It’s so good to have him back with his positive and easy going manner – back to the man I married. But, even better because now he doesn’t hold onto things which have annoyed him (i.e. me doing something!) and be huffy/withdrawn for a couple of days. I often think life is funny the way it twists and turns and the way you meet people who can help with things.


Sue helped me achieve my goal. After four intensive sessions, I finally got accepted for the job I had been trying to get for 3 years. She paid close attention as to what I needed to get from my sessions and had a very personalised approach. Honest feedback was helpful. Thanks Sue!


The first time I picked up the telephone, I wasn’t certain what a ‘life coach’ could reveal to me. Now I can tell you that the outcome of our conversations has been phenomenal – there’s been an underlying change in myself and my outlook on life. I truly feel like a more empowered person, with limitless possibilities ahead of me, and the power to choose what these will be. I don’t need to say how life-changing that is.

I have appreciated your techniques, theories and words of encouragement so much. You have helped me to bring about some very positive changes in my life. Thank you.


I found Sue to be helpful, positive and sometimes downright pushy! She listened to my issues, suggested steps forward and helped solve the things that were causing me to feel a bit, well, fed up with life.

Sue allowed me to view things from a different perspective, which provided a positive outcome by the end of our sessions.

I feel I have benefitted greatly talking with Sue, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone thinking of utilising the skilles of a life coach.

Group Finance Director

Sue is a fantastic support and is patient and understanding. She quickly puts you at ease and helps guide you to the solutions to your problems, resulting in a very positive and worthwhile experience.


I wanted to say a big thank you for all your guidance and support over the last few months. I’ve never experienced anything like this and you have helped me find my way through what has been a very difficult time. I’m now feeling really excited about where I will work next. I am so looking forward to finding a role that will let me manage freely the way that I used to and that I know works, I just want to get back to enjoying what I do and do it well.

I can’t thank you enough as it has been horrendous the last 6 months and you have helped me get back to a better and stronger Me 🙂 Thank you!

Team Manager

Thank you for your invaluable help in my recovery from many years of serious depression. The fact that I have held down a job for a year now is testament to that. Your patience and willingness to listen have been hugely important to me, often above and beyond the call of duty. You are a skilled, all round Life Coach and a very Special Person.


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My coaching sessions with Sue were a very positive and motivating experience. Sue made the actions we agreed on simple and clear while adding the challenge that I needed. I have learned new techniques, tools and strategies through working with Sue which will continue to assist me in both work and personal areas in the future.

I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who feels ‘stuck’ and needs assistance in identifying and achieving goals in any areas of their life.

Manager, Supported Housing Project

Having been through a bad time both personally and professionally I felt unable to move my life forward in the way I wanted to. Sue helped me to focus on what I needed to do to achieve my goals and with her support I found myself not only getting life back under control but actually making progress. I would highly recommend Sue for her empathy and insight that left me empowered and, importantly, able to continue to make progress once the coaching sessions had been completed.


I thought the sessions were really helpful…I don’t think I would have got a new job if it hadn’t been for Sue’s advice! She was very empathetic but also focussed on what I wanted to achieve, with excellent results! I’m very pleased with Sue.


Sue was great!


I wasn’t sure what to expect through life coaching, but I have to say that the whole process was so enjoyable. The first night was emotional but after that I looked forward to our conversations and learnt such a lot. I couldn’t have been happier with the coaching I Received, I benefitted greatly. Sue was so welcoming, friendly and so good at helping me to find way of improving myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue as a life coach. I looked forward to our sessions and would use her services in the future if I felt the need. I actually miss our chats.

Nursing Sister

This was our first coaching workshop from an external consultant. We found it helpful and stimulating. It was all enjoyable and it helped at work and personally in remaining focused and positive about daily tasks without letting circumstances dictate attitude. We hope to have you back in May.

Kwik-Fit Insurance Services

Sue is a very warm and easy person to work with. I instantly felt supported and encouraged by her. She was able to identify the areas in my life that required attention and in particular the negative attitudes I held towards myself and aspects of my life that were not helping me. The actions I took as a result of this enabled me to feel empowered, much more positive and able to make some important decisions.


Sue was extremely good to work with. Her technique was efficient and just the right side of challenging. We managed to cover a considerable amount in each of the sessions and associated homework. I would certainly use Sue again in the future.

Managing Director

Sue recognised I did not work well under too much pressure and we kept pace together over reaching goals and above all she made me think. Sure, she went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions.

Helpline adviser

Sue, I really cannot thank you enough for what you have returned to me. Your skill as a coach is excellent, very subtle and very effective.

Business Owner

Sue is a wonderful woman who is understanding and empathetic. She helped me to focus on what is important in my life and helped me rethink negative patterns about certain situations that were frightening to me. I felt at ease every time I left her sessions and I highly recommend Sue to everyone!


I have a greater sense of clarity. I think Sue is great at making me feel listened to and understood and find this invaluable. I have a great deal of trust and confidence in Sue. I feel the longer term benefits will show themselves in time but I feel short term I get a better sense of perspective.

Artist/ Illustrator

I was feeling directionless and unmotivated. Sue was able to put the ‘sparkle’ back into my outlook. I came away feeling motivated and really good about myself. I would recommend you to clients and friends.

Yoga teacher

I found you a good listener, but importantly, challenging when appropriate and at other times providing good direction. For me this was important as I wanted an “action orientated session” as opposed to just being a talking/listening session.

Senior Manager

Quite simply, Sue has turned my life around. She has made a profound difference to my quality of life and lasting happiness.

e-marketing Manager

I found Sue to be very likeable, personable and insightful. I feel positive about myself and my career in a way that I have not done for some years.


I owe you so much Sue, for without your encouragement and driving me to put effort into my music none of what is now happening for me would be happening. You are the best and one of life’s really beautiful people. Thank you so much.


I didn’t have any energy left to begin to focus on what I wanted from life, never mind how I possibly could achieve it. Everything felt overwhelming until I met Sue and she made me feel my dreams were possible. They weren’t dreams they were reality, waiting for me to start living it.

Often I would give up, but Sue’s caring and motivation helped pick me up every time. She believed in me when I gave up hope. It was very obvious to me that this isn’t just a job for Sue, that she genuinely cares and invested much of herself in helping me. It worked, and I’m am so much further forward.

I would recommend you try life coaching with Sue, just try it you have nothing to lose and like me you may have so much more to gain. Everyone could do with someone to help enable and believe in them – and Sue does all this and more.


Thanks for all of the coaching support I was pleasantly surprised with how much I was able to benefit especially in the short-term, from our sessions and as we’ve discussed it’s very rewarding to be reaping rewards already. Much of what we discussed has also given me food for thought for the future and I really look forward to April (once this end of financial year madness is over) so I can take some time to look more at how to put the new skills into practice.

Head of Projects/ Project Manager

I was in a cold dark place not knowing where to go. I felt I had no future, no goals to achieve in my life (pretty worthless really). Sue changed the way I thought and made me believe in myself. Thanks for turning my life around.

School Leaver

I enjoyed our sessions and found them useful.

Accounts Administrator

Sue has helped me in many aspects of my life, professional and personal, with lasting benefits. I’ve become more able to manage my thoughts and habits in ways which allow me to be happier in what I’m doing and more assured about the future I’m working towards. Thanks.


I really enjoyed working with Sue. She is very enthusiastic about life coaching. Having a different perspective has helped me accept myself more and get me out of a rut. I had to focus on what was important, or rather what Sue thought was more important! She was right.


We had a varied assortment of women at the event, all different backgrounds and levels of experience, and I know that every one of them thought you were terrific. As indeed you were: encouraging, full of ideas and very inspirational. Really brilliant. More power to you!

Kate Kinninmont, Chief Executive, Women in Film & TV (UK)

I think of you often and also think back to our sessions frequently. You helped me to work out what it is that is important to me and how to ask for it! So things are going great at the moment and I owe some of that to you! So thank you!

Financial Planner

I really can’t imagine getting better and more effective help that really worked for me. When I met Sue I got a sense of how thorough and professional she is, was relieved at how easy she is to get on with, and felt very positive. Sue helped me to put my finger on what wasn’t working about the way I was approaching several parts of my life on which I was quite ‘stuck’ and more importantly, how to start doing things differently.

At the end of the process I feel enormously energized, vastly more confident about my ability to constructively deal with the challenges in my difficult work environment, to create opportunities for more enjoyable work, to build and rejuvenate connections with other people, including my partner, and to move forward in other aspects of my life as well. I can’t remember money that I have felt was better spent.

University Lecturer

I found the coaching very helpful as it was good to sit down with someone from an outside perspective who I felt cared. It was good to sit and draw out potential plans for what I could do with the areas of my life I was struggling with.


When my mum died I really needed some help with moving my life on. I would never have imagined that I would be living the life I am now. My move to Oxfordshire has been a great success and I am very happy. Having your help and support and knowledge made it so much easier and not such a major thing and I am extremely grateful to you. My confidence has a improved a lot and I now feel that small things are no longer hurdles and have done so much and will continue to do so.


I enjoyed working with Sue. From the minute I spoke to her I realised I was in safe and professional hands. Sue very quickly helped me pinpoint my priorities and the ‘homework’ between sessions kept me on track.

PR Executive

Working with Sue has altered my natural state of negativity about myself to a more positive attitude about both myself and life in general. She helped me find a way out of the fog and feel capable of making the changes that I need to make to experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Senior Engineer

Thanks so much for all your help with everything so far. I really have found the process to be extremely valuable and worthwhile.

University employee

Thanks to the work I did with Sue I have been able to secure a position with a major company. The selection process involved an interview, a presentation and a group task, assessed by several senior managers within the company. Each of these scenarios would have had me terrified and unable to perform in the past. I walked out of this assessment centre knowing that I had performed well and that I had given myself a good chance of being offered a position, which I was a few days later.

Engineering Graduate

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The support offered by my coach was excellent and very motivational. Not only did she talk in depth with me during the sessions, but I also received follow-up messages and a sense of general interest in my life and progress.

Editor and Communications Manager

Sue allowed me to obtain a clear objectivity of issues that were blocking my path, and to see a stratagem for addressing them. This I have managed to do, and am enjoying a feeling of inner freedom. One of the issues was the endless spiral of analysis, or head-games, that clouded decision making, once she showed me the tools to address this… the way ahead was opened. That is not to say that there was a need for some courage, but that came too…

Retired Police Officer and entrepreneur

I believe Sue is amazing. She helped me overcome problems which I had found impossible. I cannot compliment Sue enough as she has changed my life for the better. She has touched my heart and made me stronger.


I left the final session knowing the type of person I was, had a more positive attitude to life and was ready to tackle anything that was put in my direction. My friends and family have said they’ve noticed a change in me that they haven’t seen before which is great. So, I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue.

Ex-Marketing Executive

I have moved on in all areas of my life since starting coaching with Sue. We worked together on some priority areas, such as career, relationships, family, confidence, and I’m visibly happier now. At the end of every session I walked away feeling motivated, upbeat and with clear tasks to achieve before the next session. Sue’s coaching has been invaluable. My friends and family notice a big difference in me, my confidence has rocketed and I’m much happier within myself.

Company Director

I would happily recommend Sue’s life coaching sessions – she helped me to analyse my career options in ways I hadn’t considered and showed me how to make positive changes.


Sue was challenging but realistic, supportive, objective and empowering.


I think the effectiveness of my coaching around the 2 upcoming interviews I had was very helpful. It helped me to focus on areas of my strengths and go over these so that I was able to talk about them at interview. Previous sessions I have had have been great in helping me to clarify areas of my life I want to improve and I continue to refer to my notes years on.

Project Manager (Arts)

I came to Life Coaching Solutions for interview coaching. I got the job!

Print Professional

During the first few weeks of Life Coaching Solutions I was given the motivation to finish a journal I had been working on for the previous two years.

Charity Trustee and Mountaineer

Sue’s coaching has really helped me. I adopted her positive thinking and action based approach which resulted in being offered two jobs with a much better package.


I feel the coaching has been invaluable for me at a crossroad in my life. Your approach has been perfect to both support and challenge me into action.

University Employee

I contacted Sue about my CV and she was incredibly helpful. I was given lots of general guidance and tips to boost my CV and I found her opinion and pointers really tailored and helpful.

Case Manager

Overall I found the coaching sessions useful and enjoyable. The focus at the first session on achieving some of my goals helped me make some good progress in areas I was overwhelmed with. I am most grateful to Sue for the sessions we had and the help and support she gave me.

Business Woman

I found you comfortable to be with and easy to talk to. I looked forward to our sessions. Although you were able to take me out of my comfort zone to look at areas of my life I’d rather pushed aside you always made sure I left on a positive note. This was very enabling to me.

NHS Professional

I had a very positive experience working with Sue and would encourage others wanting to improve their lives to appoint Life Coaching Solutions.

PR Director

Sue was both understanding and encouraging in helping me make major life decisions.

Private Sector Employee