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Trust your instinct

– Law Student

I was trusting my instinct when I booked the first session with Sue, that’s why I would like to invite others to trust their instincts and to start moving towards a better present and a better future.

Before coming to meet Sue for the first time, I had been thinking about personal coaching for quite a long time. I came to the point when I could no longer trust my personal judgement and I really wanted to find again a zest for life. I also lacked confidence to make my own decisions without seeking any approval from others. However it took me a while to understand that in our modern times, where women are strong and independent, we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable and to ask for help and guidance.

Just before starting my coaching journey, I’ve realised that my own decisions and opinions were highly influenced by what was right in general, what my family expected of me and what was best for my dear ones. Unfortunately, I was not considering my own feeling and my own well-being and happiness. Sue helped me to change that. I was very open towards any style of coaching. Sue’s wonderful personality and personal qualities put me immediately at ease. As the result, I did not have any concerns or queries.

After starting the coaching sessions, I came to realise that my relationship with my partner and the father of my son really needed to be re-examined. Sue and I briefly touched upon my career aspirations. These moments were very meaningful for me as they were giving me hope for a better future and for the opportunity to make a difference in society.

When I met Sue I was starting a new chapter of my life without even realising it. I left my partner and moved into a new flat with my son as I have been experiencing a lot of criticism and emotional abuse. My inner self was highly influenced by what is considered to be right such as staying with the father of your child, or keeping others happy. As Sue and I were progressing through our sessions I’ve learnt that apart from the physical attraction, what matters most are the shared values. I also came to understand that the person that I was complaining against (Sue, thank you for your patience), simply had a different set of values. I’ve also started to recognise all the good qualities that my former partner had and this allowed me to create a new reality for myself and my son.

At the same time, Sue showed that we should not tolerate certain behaviours and we should always consider our personal happiness and well-being. Every single coaching session was filled with joy and warmth. If I had to describe Sue’s coaching with one phrase only, it would be: “A warmth of the Spanish sun rising on a horizon to give you a new beginning full of love, hope and wonderful new colours”. This is how I felt during and after the sessions with Sue and, as a result, today I live guilt free. The coaching sessions allowed me to move on and enabled me to start enjoying my life again. I have given in a few times and tried to rekindle the past relationship but life showed me that my instincts to leave my partner were the right ones. Sue helped enormously during the transition times, for which I will be forever grateful.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sue for her wonderful contribution to my life. Her patience and wisdom have made a great impact on my emotional well-being, which allowed me to embrace my good qualities. I really like that every single session had a theme. Even though the time flew by, I felt that every single moment was very meaningful and the quality of our sessions was outstanding.

Sue has a lovely personality that is impossible to forget. I was extremely lucky to have found Sue. I was trusting my instinct when I booked the first session with Sue, that’s why I would like to invite others to trust their instincts and to start moving towards a better present and a better future.


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