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Covid-19 is everywhere. We are losing a sense of everything else. But we can get through this. Use these methods to retain your positivity in Covid-19 times

Smile: A smile can make someone’s day and change yours 😊 Be Proactive: Don’t wait until you feel motivated to do something. Do something now which you know will make a difference to your wellbeing or for others. Fall in love with yourself: Know your worth. Write a list of your strengths and skills, vision, […]

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We are so often caught up in doing: lists, plans, commitments, responsibilities. But what if we take time out to enjoy life's simple pleasures sometimes?

I was just wondering one sunny Sunday whether we take the most joyful aspects of our lives for granted and what different perspective we could have if we perhaps appreciated more? There’s always something to be joyful about and to be grateful for. Always. We are so often caught up in doing: to do lists, […]

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As a coach I've seen a gradual shift in my clients’ desires to wanting contentment, happiness and acceptance right now: living in the moment. So, how can we achieve this all important sense of being? Read on for my top tips.

In theory and historically, coaching has been all about setting goals, making plans and taking action to support clients and help them achieve what they really want from life – future orientated if you like, with satisfying and successful outcomes. As a life and business coach in private practice for many years I have, however, […]

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