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Feel the adventure starting through journaling and recording of your vision. Feel excited that you have an intention. Dare to dream to achieve. Believe you can succeed.

Dream Believe Dare Achieve.

This is such an important message. Believe that you can succeed to achieve what matters to you. And you will.

If you’re not sure how to get started, I’d suggest firstly spending time in choosing a blank notepad which reflects your personality. Maybe it needs to be straightedged and professional, or linear and monochrome, or pink and sparkly, or creative and colourful, or vibrant and energetic. Choose one with animals or spaceships, flowers or trains, elephants or butterflies, travel or music, but something which you feel immediately connected to. Find something which resonates with you. You’ll know.

Next, find a favourite photograph of yourself and paste it into a double page spread. And then start to think about what makes you tick. What do you love? How do you enjoy spending your time? What really matters to you? What are you good at? How would others describe you? What are you interested in? Fascinated about? Curious to know more about? What books do you love? What places amaze you? Write everything down.

And now, focusing on you, what talents and passions do you have? You might immediately think ‘none’ but that isn’t the case. What makes you you? Ask others if you’re really stuck. What are you good at, what do you enjoy, what do you love to do? There’s no right answer here. It’s personal! Explore what makes your heart sing, what makes you feel good, happy, content, calm, excited. List everything.

And now with that foundation of knowledge and confidence, it’s time to explore what you really want, short term and for the future. Let’s dare to dream.

Some questions to consider:

  • What adventures do I want?
  • What’s on my bucket list?
  • What do I deserve?
  • What do I hope to do? To be?

Choose a few black pages to start to connect with these. Bring them to life. Make a collage of Pinterest images or photographs, print images from magazine or other journals or articles, reviews of holidays destinations or potential adventures as a starting point. Or list them.

Circle or highlight the ones which particular resonate. Or matter most.

And now consider what’s getting in the way?
Money, time, energy, idealism, other people, resources, fear, guilt, yourself?

Explore why. Could you just ‘go for it?’. Understanding the barriers or wall and then dissembling them bit by bit. So much more is usually possible than we think.

What support do we need from others to make our dreams come true? Who do we need to speak to? What action do we need to take? How do we free up the time to plan and get going? All these questions, and more are relevant. Challenge yourself to find the answer. ‘How can I make these happen?’

Feel the adventure starting through the journaling and recording of your vision. Feel excited that you have an intention. Dare to dream to achieve. Believe you can succeed.

I’m running some mini workshops again on this very topic in September so come and join me if you’d like to be learning more and getting started.

But if meantime, dare to dream.

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