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What happens at an initial consultation? Life Coaching Solutions

I’ve always offered an Initial Consultation to anyone considering life or business coaching as a form of professional support.

This is a face to face meeting usually lasting 60-70 minutes and as such is often the longest of sessions in view of the information shared and gathered.

There are really four parts to it.

Firstly, the opportunity for us to meet. This is probably more important for you than me as it’s vital to find the right coach to meet your needs. You’ll have a good sense of whether I’m the right person for you by the end of our time together but I don’t require or in fact encourage you to decide until you’ve have sufficient time to contemplate everything we’ve talked through.

Secondly, and most importantly for me is to understand what brings you to consider coaching. What’s happening (or not) in your life? I welcome as much information here as you feel comfortable to share and as such, this part of the consultation is often emotional, much more than any other session. Here, people share things they’ve never perhaps talked about before, or even much admitted to themselves, or gone round in circles or feel overwhelmed with; things they might have thought about changing for a while but haven’t been able to, things that have preoccupied their minds. I appreciate such openness which can also be empowering and liberating. Many of my ladies and gents feel a sense of relief at this stage as everything comes out: hopes, fears, aspirations, goals, doubts, ambitions, dreams.

A next aspect is for me to share what coaching is, how it ‘works’ and how it could support the aspects of your life which you’re hoping it to. We discuss how we would move forward to next steps should you choose to work with me thereafter and I outline a framework for sessions. Coaching is not counselling or therapy and I talk about that too.

And finally, I am delighted to answer any further questions you may have.

There is no need to bring anything along with you but notes, memory joggers, articles of your work or thoughts, your CV and anything else you feel would be helpful are always welcome. And there is no need to be nervous but you may be. However you are is absolutely ok!

There is no obligation to work with me after initial consultation however most clients do. I charge a fee of £45 and feedback is that our time together has been valuable, insightful and a coaching session in itself.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Please get in touch to arrange your Initial Consultation.

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