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Who comes to coaching?

You might wonder what kind of people come to coaching. The simple answer, I suppose, is anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life and who values some professional help to get there and make it all happen.

Coaching is for everyone.

Currently I’m working with over 50 private clients, BBC Radio Scotland, AXA Healthcare, The Glasgow Academy and ITV1. My clients are a balance of ladies and gents, late teen to post retirement from all different cultures and backgrounds, professions, histories, race, religion, sexual preference, political bias and all with unique aspirations.

So, from MDs and CEOs, engineers and accountants, advocates and lawyers, teachers, head teachers and classroom assistants, school leavers and students, carers and consultants, leaders and IT professionals, those from the creative industries – artists and musicians, singers and songwriters, fashion, web and graphic designers, directors, producers and script writers, PR and architects, HR and recruitment managers, bar, restaurant and hospitality staff, emergency workers and NHS staff, those currently not working, or in sales or the financial services, entrepreneurs and business owners, counsellors and councillors, GPs, dentists, vets, healthcare workers and NHS employees, there is no one kind of person.

The diversity is apparent and as individual as each one of us. If you think life or business coaching could be for you, please get in touch.

An exciting journey lies ahead.

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