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The tide is turning: a personal reflection. For those of you going through tough times, take one day at a time just and do what you can and what is needed to get through. Click through to read on.

This phrase came to mind today when I was out walking in Newlands Park, a place I love: its beauty, tranquillity, friendly faces and dogs too! Today I met Sidney, the tiny doggy with the huge name. I love walking. Newlands Park is a great place to be. And think. And today I was thinking about new beginnings and I feel I am at one, and I’m sharing my wee story. Read on if you like.

Working with my clients brings great joy and I hope inspiration to all of you in some way to create a life you love, step by step, from perhaps treading water initially to surfing the waves! Thank you to everyone I’ve met in coaching; those of you who have had one session to those of you who have had many more to be able to swim confidently through the tide.

My ongoing media work and interviews with No 1 magazine make me smile. Never would I have imagined my coaching, hints, tips, perspective and thoughts being featured and soon even a photo to be revealed too!

To my AXA clients- you bring me happiness. There’s often laughter, certainly smiles and some tears too and I appreciate your openness, your honesty and your trust.

I love writing. I never thought that I was particularly good at it but now I think I’m good enough. And that’s ok. So, for my blog, the Life Coach Directory and soon to be for Personal Growth magazine, thank you for having me! I write just as I speak. I hope to connect with you somewhere.

It’s been a tough year on the home front. Both my parents were extremely poorly all of January, Dad’s surprise 80th birthday party had to be cancelled and then Isaac developed glandular fever, a horrible illness not only physically through exhaustion, fatigue and curtailment of all usual activities but also emotionally through heartache, frustration, isolation, depression and exclusion. So, a huge shout out for my amazing friends who supported me through it all and who came the other weekend to a very hot and sunny outdoor 15th party for him, for your love and care for us both and for bringing the most beautiful gifts too. And for his teenage party with friends on Saturday, not knowing who would turn up, when in fact everyone came and my house was crazily full of boys, girls, cake, laughter and popcorn, the tide is turning.

For Matt, it’s been a year of driving lessons and tests, exams and assignments and a year of choices – what to do after school, which university courses to apply for and what course to finally go for. He’s decided upon Psychology at Stirling. A new beginning. And meantime I see time to enjoy life and friendships, relationships and BBQs, Euro16 and even success in obtaining a summer job today. The tide is turning.

And for me therefore the tide is turning too. My boys are well and good, happy and successful and I can let go a little. My folks are ok and that’s good enough for just now.

For those of you going through tough times, take one day only, one day at a time just and do what you can and what is needed to get through.

Ask, seek, give, enjoy, engage with and embrace all you need to. Be sad, lonely, angry, frustrated and heartbroken too if you have to, but only for a day. It’s ok to feel all of these emotions but just don’t stay there.

I’ve taken a day at a time this year. A day, yes, no more. And today I know that things are better. I’ve taken in a new corporate contract, have seven new enquiries and am feeling healthy and joyful. July indeed has arrived.

Have hope, belief, joy, love and trust that this day will come for you.

A heartfelt thank you to you all.

Hello world, I’m coming to get you.


  • Willie Grant

    12th July 2016 at 6:39 pm

    Your a survivor a coaching servant and sole mate to many…..keep swimming with your chin up high x

    • Sue

      18th July 2016 at 3:45 pm

      Hi Willie. Thank you. That’s lovely to hear. I hope that you are well and swimming well too. Catch up soon! Sue X


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